TLAFC Programs for Children

After School Program

The After School Program is offered for children in Kindergarten to grade 7. This program provides healthy role-modelling, physical activity, healthy snack, literacy, and culture. There is no cost to participants. We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia. For more information please call 250-753-8291.

Child and Youth Therapist

The Child and Youth Therapist works in partnership with the Children’s Wellness Program to provide counselling services for children and youth who have been impacted by abuse, trauma, and stressful life experiences. For more information on the services provided by the Child and Youth Therapist please contact 250-753-6578.

Children's Wellness Program

The Children’s Wellness Program provides counselling for children, youth and families who have been impacted by abuse, trauma and stressful life experiences. This program also offers educational workshops and groups on a variety of topics. There is no cost to participants. For more information about this program, please contact 250-753-6578.

Early Language and Literacy Program

Our Early Language and Literacy Program provides direct outreach services to families with children between the ages of 0-6years. The goal of the program is to support children and families in building communication and language skills through reading and play. The outreach worker uses culturally appropriate speech and language resources and leaves families with a variety of materials to use for their stay with the program. For further information please call the Health Centre: 250-753-6578.

Island Treasure Box Early Literacy Program

The Island Treasure Boxes is an outreach literacy program for families with children between the ages of 0-6 years. Families are visited once a week in their homes by a literacy leader who leaves “Treasure Boxes” full of books and resources for the entire family to enjoy. To register or for information please call 250-753-6578.

Qeq Camp

Qeq Camp is funding dependent and provides a residential 5 day camp for children 0-6 yrs and their families. The camp provides education on roles in the family, developmental stages of children, positive parenting, communication and skill building, relationships, peer support, and elders teaching, based on cultural and traditional philosophies for more successful family development. Activities are provided to include the whole family while incorporating the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional elements for creating holistic balance, transferable in all aspects of life. Please contact 250-753-8291 for more information.

Qeq College Program      facebook-icon.png

Kindergarten Transition Program for Aboriginal families whose children will be entering Kindergarten in the fall. Focuses on school readiness, school success, and establishing supportive relationships with families. Offers extra support by the Program Coordinator throughout the school year to maintain and enhance individual progress plans. Please call 250-753-8291 for more information.

Summer Camp Program

Tillicum Lelum runs summer camp for children and youth aged 6-16 years old. Children who attend are placed into age appropriate groups and participate in a variety of recreational and cultural activities with trained group leaders. Registration for this program begins in May. If you are interested please contact 250-753-8291 for more information.

Walking With the Elders        facebook-icon.png

The Walking with the Elders Program is to support and strengthen traditional customs and cultural child welfare practices. The program is culturally sensitive in supporting literacy for Aboriginal children, and their families, while recognizing the need for development in physical, cognitive and social skills. We provide an avenue so that elders, parents and children have an opportunity to connect in a traditional manner through activities strengthening core identity and pride in early childhood development. Contact 250-753-6578 for more information.

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