TLAFC Programs for Elders

Salish Lelum Youth & Elders Housing

This is Tillicum Lelum’s new housing complex at 479 Tenth Street for elders & youth.  Building has laundry facilities, a computer lab, outdoor BBQ, patios and lots of common areas. Please call 250-716-3438 for rental information.

Walking With the Elders       facebook-icon.png

The Walking with the Elders Program is to support and strengthen traditional customs and cultural child welfare practices. The program is culturally sensitive in supporting literacy for Aboriginal children, and their families, while recognizing the need for development in physical, cognitive and social skills. We provide an avenue so that elders, parents and children have an opportunity to connect in a traditional manner through activities strengthening core identity and pride in early childhood development. Contact 250-753-6578 for more information.

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