TLAFC Programs for Families


Creating Healthy Families is a drop-in parenting program for parents with children aged 0-6 years. The goal of this program is to support families in nurturing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of their children. Families are encouraged to participate in group activities and weekly topics vary. Call 250-753-6578 for further information.

Family Connections Program  facebook-icon.png

The Family Connections Program has been implemented to support family and cultural connection for children currently in care or transitioning back into family homes. The program has three main components; Family Finder, Transitional/Kinship Support and Traditional Family Night. The family finder position is designed to locate potential family placement options for children in care by working with biological family and creating genealogies. Transitional/Kinship support workers are working intensively in the homes with families transitioning children into their care and working to address any outstanding MCFD concerns to close files. Within this component support workers can work with biological family, restricted family placements and foster parents. Lastly, Traditional Family Night has been implemented to provide a safe, culturally appropriate space to encourage family and cultural connection for children in care. Ultimately the goal of the program is to support permanency options for Indigenous children and to encourage a connection to culture and identity. To learn more, contact 250-753-8291.

Family Support and Social Worker Program

The Family Support and Social Worker Program works with urban Aboriginal families. We provide counselling, advocacy, information and referrals to build a holistic support network. We also offer supervised visits to families through outside service referral. This program facilitates parenting and support groups, offering encouragement to families who wish to connect with their cultural heritage and traditions. For further information about this service please call 250-753-6578.

Family Wellness Camp

This 5 day residential camp is offered to families involved in the foster care system or families at risk of being involved with the child-welfare system, to preserve the family connection. Children in care are provided with 5 days of supervised visits, fun activities, cultural teachings and support. Parents are provided with an intensive self awareness/personal development workshop including elders teachings, family roles and responsibilities, positive parenting skills, coping strategies to deal with past trauma, positive communications skills, mindfulness, traditional healing practices, and incorporating living life in balance mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally for more positive family relationships while addressing colonization and the multigenerational impacts currently being experienced in families. Contact our Admin Office at 250-753-4417 for more information.

Parents Legal Centre  acrobat-pdf.jpg

The Parents Legal Centre is a service provided by the Legal Services Society (Legal Aid BC). This service is available anytime after you’re first contacted by the ministry or a delegated Aboriginal agency. Please contact Tristan for an appointment on Thursdays at the Tillicum Lelum Health Centre – 602 Haliburton Street. Office: 250-753-8291 | Cell: 250-616-3792 | Email:

Qeq College Program  facebook-icon.png

School Readiness Program for children pre-kindergarten age and their families. One on one counselling, cultural activities and school readiness training offered, including: positive parenting skills, elders teachings and techniques for developing literacy on all levels: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Contact 250-753-8291 for further information.

Supervised Visits Program

Supervised Visits Program available for families through an external referral agency process. This program facilitates parenting and support groups, offering encouragement to families who wish to connect with their cultural heritage and traditions, while reuniting and deepening family connections. Contact 250-753-6578 for more information.

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