TLAFC Programs for Mothers

Building Better Babies Program   facebook-icon.png

Building Better Babies is a pregnancy outreach program that works with families who are pregnant or have babies from birth to 6 months of age. This program offers: prenatal classes, doula support, a “moms, dads and babies” group for families with children under 6 months and a group drop-in for everyone from BBB with guest speakers from the community. We also provide one to one support, and families can have nursing support, including baby immunizations. Once a month we have a Baby Wellness Day, where parents can ask community resource people questions about nutrition, child development, speech and language, dental health, drug and alcohol, and children’s mental health. Child minding and transportation are available as well as food and vitamin supplements. Please call 250-753-6578 for more information.

ReachingHome.pngYoung Aboriginal Mother's Transitional Housing  facebook-icon.png

Tillicum Lelum will provide transitional housing to new/expectant young Aboriginal Moms and their children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the Nanaimo region, in order to encourage family reintegration, education, health, housing stability, employment and increased opportunities for social and economic participation. Please call 250-716-1080 for more information.


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