TLAFC Programs for Youth

Aboriginal Youth and Leadership Training Program/Youth Employment Counsellor

This program serves Aboriginal youth between 15-29 years of age who are seeking employment. The Aboriginal Youth and Leadership Program offers a variety of workshops that enhance employability skills and personal growth. Contact 250-753-8291 for more info.

Child and Youth Therapist

The Child and Youth Therapist works in partnership with the Children’s Wellness Program to provide counselling services for children and youth who have been impacted by abuse, trauma, and stressful life experiences. For more information on the services provided by the Child and Youth Therapist please contact 250-753-6578.

Friendship Lelum – Aboriginal Youth Safe House     facebook-icon.png

Friendship Lelum provides short-term shelter for youth aged 12 - 18 years who are experiencing stressful experiences and have been identified as “at-risk”. Our staff works to promote a safe, secure, stable and nurturing environment for the youth who stay with us. We provide counselling, advocacy, referrals and support. For information about further services please call 250-753-8266.

Neutral Zone – Aboriginal Youth Drop-In Centre      facebook-icon.png

Tillicum Lelum offers youth programming which provides relevant social and recreational activities for youth between 10-24 years of age. Our culture and recreation programs at the Neutral Zone provide youth with the opportunity to socialize and learn new skills in a safe and supportive environment. After school programs can include arts and crafts, homework club, floor hockey, basketball, games and workshops on a variety of topics relevant to youth. An Aboriginal Youth Council meets monthly to discuss and design new programs, plan events and address current issues affecting youth in our community. Everyone is welcome! We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia. For more information about the Neutral Zone and its’ programs, please call 250-753-8291.

Salish Lelum Youth & Elders Housing

This is Tillicum Lelum’s new housing complex at 479 Tenth Street for elders & youth.  Building has laundry facilities, a computer lab, outdoor BBQ, patios and lots of common areas. Please call 250-716-3438 for rental information.

Summer Camp Program

Tillicum Lelum runs summer camp for children and youth aged 6-16 years old. Children who attend are placed into age appropriate groups and participate in a variety of recreational and cultural activities with trained group leaders. Registration for this program begins in May. If you are interested please contact 250-753-8291 for more information.

Urban Partnerships Program

This Youth initiative focuses on enhancing the capacity of urban Aboriginal youth to be self-reliant by shifting attitudes and values that promote lifelong labour force attachment that transfer skills related to self-advocacy, systems navigation, healthy living, and provide education supports, including but not limited to stay in school and return to school initiatives at the secondary school level and mentoring. The projects objectives are to bridge or enable youth to meaningfully access to existing employment and training programs, and/or prepare youth for self-employment opportunities not available through other existing program resources. Contact 250-753-8291 for more details.

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