Recreation Centre Project

Tillicum Lelum is planning to construct a new gymnasium/recreation centre in Nanaimo, BC. Our vision is to use this facility to host an Aboriginal Sports and Recreation program that will serve children, youth, families and the community. In the coming months we’ll be reaching out for your support. Please check back with us regularly. Thanks.

For more information, please contact the Management Team at 250-753-8291.


Childcare Centre Project

Roof water collected and available for children to tend gardens full of berries. Three dimensional west-coast carved creatures scattered throughout the landscaping. Windmills demonstrating alternative forms of energy production. Elders living right next door and invited over for juice, cookies and story time. This is Tillicum Lelum's new childcare centre.

Many regard this new proposed facility as the first Urban Aboriginal childcare facility to be built on Vancouver Island. The modern two story facility will host a 25 space licensed childcare program for 3-5 year old children on the first floor. On the second floor, an Aboriginal Young Mothers day program that works collaboratively with the Young Mother's residential program.

All donations go towards the building development of the new Childcare Centre in the south end of Nanaimo. Thank you for your support!

Our Goals:

  • To address the daycare shortage in the South end of Nanaimo where many low income families and students reside
  • To provide a Preschool/Prekindergarten Program for Aboriginal children to increase school readiness upon entering Kindergarten
  • To work in partnership with VIU to provide research opportunities in Aboriginal Early Childhood Development and practicum placements for several health and human service disciplines
  • To provide opportunities for families to positively interact with their children in a supervised learning environment
  • To provide quality childcare for those families wanting to access Post-Secondary education or career opportunities
  • To provide children and families access to elders and cultural knowledge