Tillicum Lelum Programs - COVID update

Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre is modifying programs during this transition and adjustment to COVID-19.

Our services will continue to be available via phone, text, social media, email, and video communication. Here is an update from our programs.


The Building Better Babies and Creating Healthy Families Programs are providing over the phone Pregnancy Outreach, and Parenting Groups through online video format.

Connect with Erica at (250) 816-4419 or join the Facebook group at facebook.com/tillicum.babies


The Men's Wellness Program will be doing spiritual smudging ceremonies online and counselling over the phone.

Call the Health Centre at (250) 753-6578 or join the Facebook group at facebook.com/tonywayne.tillicumlelum


The Family Service Team will continue to provide individualized family-focused support over the phone and online video to families in need of immediate intervention.

Please contact the Health Centre at (250) 753-6578 to speak with one of our workers.

The Housing Navigator is available to help clients remotely to develop a plan to address barriers in maintaining and sustaining permanent housing.

Holly is available at (250) 616-9593 or through the Facebook page facebook.com/Tillicum-Lelum-Indigenous-Housing-Navigator


Counselling support services are being offered over the phone and by video communication.

Connect with Eden at (250) 616-3616 and for children and youth please contact Steph at facebook.com/steph.tlafc


The Community Health Nurse is available for phone consultations, Mon to Fri, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Please contact Jenny at (250) 753-6578.



(250) 753-6578

Connect with our services

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